What Are The Benefits Of Teledentistry To A Dentist?


Teledentistry is a relatively new concept in the dental field. But with the pandemic, Its popularity has touched a new high. Many industries such as teaching, retail, and even healthcare have switched to online platforms for fulfilling their roles. Similarly, dentists have changed to Teledentistry for consulting their patients. It involves one on one discussion through videoconferencing, chat, or call.

A patient can seek medical advice from anywhere in the world regarding dental issues that are not urgent or involve any procedures. Teledentistry has helped both dentists and patients in keeping contact under challenging times of COVID-19. Dentists have gained in terms of career growth and a global reach. Here are a few benefits of Teledentistry that have changed the dental field significantly.


Teledentistry breaks down location warriors and makes dental services accessible all around the globe. A dentist can reach and advise a higher number of people who cannot consult the dentist due to one reason or another. For instance, older people living in villages or home-bound patients could not consult a dentist before, but with Teledentistry, it is now possible.

Cost Reduction

Just like, patients can consult from the comfort of their home, a dentist can do that with the help of Teledentistry. There is no need for valuable and expensive medical supplies such as gloves, masks, gowns, and equipment in a teleconsultation. A dentist can save on transportation, electricity, and staff when giving services on an online platform.


Teledentistry helps save time as it is convenient and easy to set up. Even if there are cancellations, you can utilize your time at home without worrying about the next patient. There is no traveling, waiting time for a patient, or setting up any medical equipment. Hence, Teledentistry allows a dentist to see more patients or conduct webinars and make themselves virtually more visible.

Clinical Procedures

Usually, many people require dental advice for minor issues, which can be easily handled via teleconsultation. Hence, dentists are left with more time and energy to focus on patients requiring clinical procedures complex in nature. A dentist will be able to slot teleconsultations as per their schedule of procedures. This will not cause any inconvenience to the patient and provide dentists flexibility with their schedule.

Consult Specialists

Teledentistry not only provides patients an opportunity to consult their preferred doctor but dentists as well. We often need better knowledge or expert guidance during some clinical procedures or in a patient’s case. Teledentistry opens the door for dentists to seek expert medical advice from their seniors or specialists in specific dental fields. Without leaving your desk, you can connect with the specialist you want to seek guidance from.

Online Opportunities

Apart from online consultations, Teledentistry allows a dentist to get hold of various online opportunities such as online seminars, webinars, guest lectures, etc. This can be directly and indirectly beneficial in terms of reach and goodwill. Additionally, new dentists can explore the online market with the help of Teledentistry and make a footing for themselves in a highly competitive field. Hence, it provides a plethora of opportunities to benefit a dentist’s practice in the long run.

Social Service

Due to stressful work commitments, many professionals cannot do their part for society even when they wish. Teledentistry makes connecting with social outreach programs via the internet more accessible. Without spending a lot of time, you can see patients who are needy, bedridden, or from a poor socio-economic status. One can give back without any limitations and have a sense of satisfaction.


Teledentistry is a boon for dental professionals. It offers a competitive edge and builds your virtual presence, a key factor for success in this technological world. Hence, a dentist must embrace this change and benefit from it in the long run for a better future.

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