Five simple ways for nurses to increase their annual earnings

Five simple ways for nurses to increase their annual earnings

Nursing is a well-paid and rewarding career with excellent prospects, but earning a little more money can be a bonus. Whether you are saving for a lavish vacation, buying a new home, or upgrading your car, here are five simple ways to boost your finances.

Try per diem nursing 

Instead of working in a full-time role at one facility, per diem nurses are temporary employees who can work as many or as few days a week as they wish. On cancer wards, spinal units and maternity wards, you will cover gaps in staffing levels that arise when people go on vacation or take sick leave. As hospitals and clinics tend to need temporary staff as a matter of urgency, you can command a higher daily wage than regular employees. Moreover, you can set your own schedule and choose when you would like a day off.

Work as a CPR instructor in your spare time

To complement your current skills, you can take a course through the American Heart Association and become a CPR instructor. Courses can run at a time of day to suit your work schedule, and you could even recruit your coworkers as your first paying clients. Eventually, you can build up your business to include twice-weekly courses, which will make a substantial difference to your monthly income.

Complete a DNP program

Compared to a BSN or an MSN, obtaining a doctorate is hard work. However, once you have qualified, your earning potential will significantly increase. You’ll be able to gain employment in top leadership, educational or administrative positions, all of which offer salaries that reflect the level of responsibility involved. If you plan to elevate your career but don’t want to give up work to study, you can take an online DNP at Wilkes University. Students benefit from a comprehensive scheme of study delivered by doctorate-level professionals, and you could graduate within two years.

Work as an ‍‍‍immunization nurse

If you have strong communication skills and enjoy working with patients face to face, seasonal flu and other vaccination clinics present a great opportunity for earning extra money on the side. Clinics take place across the US – some are based in physicians’ offices, while other smaller clinics are located in Walmart and CVS stores. Wherever you live, there should be openings nearby. Your local nursing agency or healthcare department is likely to have a list of vacancies as they arise, so just keep an eye out at the usual times of year.

Become a critical care nurse

Nurses who can cope with the additional stress of a critical care environment command higher wages. You manage the care of very ill patients, perform tests and undertake interventions to improve their quality of life, and set them on the road to recovery. Nurses in critical care become close to their patients and feel very involved in their recovery. Although it is demanding work that requires you to think on your feet and act swiftly when necessary, it is also very rewarding.


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