Tips to Switch To Natural Deodorant Comfortably

Tips to Switch To Natural Deodorant Comfortably

Have you been dealing with unpleasant experiences with deodorants? Sweating is a natural process; it helps in regulating your body temperature and releasing toxins. However, it can be gross, especially with the foul smell that makes it uncomfortable. That’s the reason deodorants are an excellent addition to your beauty regimen, but some can cause unpleasant reactions. From rashes, allergic reactions, and considerable health concerns, chemical-laded deodorants can considerably affect your endeavors to stay fresh. That is why switching to aluminum-free deodorant is recommendable. Also, switching to the aluminum-free deodorant can prove challenging and frustrating, especially as you might not notice desirable results as fast as you would wish. Here are a few pointers to help you comfortably switch from the chemical-laden option to natural deodorants.

Go natural for a few days before switching

As you stop using deodorants with chemicals and aluminum, your body starts to push them out. As they are released out of the body, you might experience irritation. This means that adding the natural deodorant into the mix could make you think that it is the cause of irritation. What’s more, it could worsen the situation, noting that a common ingredient in natural deodorants is baking soda which won’t sit well. If going natural for a few days proves more than you can accommodate, consider including natural elements such as coconut, tea tree, or lavender oils. Such elements can offer a soothing effect, helping you to beat the irritation and bad smell. Remember to wash the underarms daily to avoid sweat accumulation and possible body odor. Exfoliating at least once a week is also advisable, helping in detoxification.

Consider your clothing

Did you know that your clothes could be worsening the foul odor situation? For instance, acrylic and polyester fabrics trap moisture, meaning that it can accumulate, promote mold growth, resulting in a bad smell. As you transition, considering fabric is advisable to beat such concerns. Stick to natural options such as cotton, and hemp. The options help keep the odors at bay and are also comfortable, helping you stay fresh as you switch from the chemical to aluminum-free deodorant.

Check the ingredients

You are ready to switch after waiting for a few days, but don’t pick any option on the market. For instance, you need to eliminate options such as those featuring propylene glycol or parabens, as they could cause skin irritation. While considering the ingredients, ensure that you select a deodorant with a good balance of essential oils and baking soda. This helps to keep the odors in check and avoid irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Take your time; switching to natural deodorants is not an overnight fix. It could take time to realize noticeable results. What’s more, not every aluminum-free deodorant will perfectly fit your situation. The easiest way to handle the switching is by trying different options. Try one option for a few weeks, observe the progress, and if it isn’t as good, hop to the next, giving it enough time for the body to adjust. It might take a few tries, but once you find that perfect aluminum-free deodorant, it will be worth the trouble.

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