Aplant-based family is always a key to success


A healthy family is always a happy family. Wealth and love can only be part of the family if you consider that health is wealth. Nowadays each family is busy with work and dependent on ready to eat foods or processed foods. Now you will think of childhood with all your natural plant-based meals and unprocessed chicken. Today’s meals include a chicken burger, cup noodles followed by sugary desserts.

Childhood days are the good memories which you can’t forget, but if you see your kids cribbing for last pizza slice and piece of donuts. You know your childhood where fries and burgers are not your cup of tea. Your family is eating a lot of non-veg snacks and meat items, but still, there are options for easy plant-based meals.

Why should you switch to plant-based meals?

Excess eating is always bad for your health whether it is plant-based or non-veg based food items. An imbalance of natural diet and non-veg diet can result in bad cholesterol and lack of immunity. Healthy carbs and fats are diminishing, and protein is the source of advertising. Having plant-based meals doesn’t mean you have to be a pure vegetarian;intake of veggies and fruits should be there in meals. Having tons of meat can put kids and adults on serious health issues. Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants and phytonutrients which help to fight cancer, heart diseases, and immune disorders.Kids are so much busy in academic and top of it they suffer from air and water pollution which leads to serious health issues.

Why there is the hype of protein in chicken?

People are so ingrained that we have to purchase tons of dairy and chicken items of our families. Protein shakes with burgers, and chicken breasts can result in lack of immunity and cholesterol problems. Life of our adults and kids are at risk. Our kids are eating tons of chicken items and processed food items that there is less availability of fruits and veggies in their meals. It is not easy to understand that plants have enough protein for daily lifestyle. RDA of protein states that 8-10% content should be daily available in your diet for better functioning of the body. Kids too have tummies; if they have a decent amount of meat with healthy carbs and fats, they will experience a healthy lifestyle.

Tips to become a plant-based family


  • Be away from junk food and try to purchase a decent amount of chicken.


  • Try to start your weak with meatless meals and have cheat meals at weekends.
  • Start eating and serving fruits in the breakfast. Try to serve smoothies to your fussy kids.
  • Keep a check on your favorite vegan items and fruits. Elaborate more dishes and taste. Make them and enjoy with your family.
  • Try to shop fruits and veggies frequently along with your kids.
  • Always serve colorful meals, because your kids will find it tasty and will love to have it.



These are some tips which will help you to be a plant-based family. Meat or any non-veg foods are good for health but if taken in a decent amount. You can still add a chunk of beef in weekends which will satisfy your chicken cravings. Try these tips and tricks and be a healthy and disease family forever.


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